George grew up in a musical family. His parents listened to all kinds of music, from Louis Armstrong to Gilbert and Sullivan. His dad was a multi-instrumentalist who played several horns in high school, as well as piano, guitar and plectrum banjo.

His mom gave him piano lessons in grade school, but after several years of fighting him on practicing, she gave up. But George never gave up noodling on the piano.

George remembers the magical moment when the guitar got his attention. His brother was beginning to play and George was watching him one afternoon and “suddenly I had to get my hands on that guitar.” After waiting for his brother to get done with it, “I took that guitar (he couldn’t stop me because it was Dad’s guitar) and, as they say, ‘the rest is history.’”

Three years later, George took up banjo, and a year after that, fiddle. Three years after the banjo he took up teaching banjo and guitar “only because people kept bothering me for lessons.” Mandolin came along later as well as other miscellaneous strings. George “learned” the old-fashioned way, by listening to records, playing music with friends, and the tried-and-true woodshed method.

George’s wife, Susan, sings and plays keyboard, guitar, and several other instruments. They moved their family to Denton, Texas, in 1983.

George grew up playing bluegrass. Now he describes himself as playing any kind of music that has historical value and “what you don’t hear on the radio anymore.” Today, George is noted as getting around on quite a few different instruments.





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